When we were little, the most daunting task was learning to ride bicycle. The only thing that helped us get on that that two-wheeled uncertainty was the caring and experienced hand of a mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, friend? To put a more specific label on this person, your ‘mentor’. A hand to guide you through and to pick you up if you ever fell. That is exactly what FOLKLORE is all about. We are not here to help improve your academic skills or lure you in with the promise of fixed job placements. We are merely here to show you the reality of the industrial world as it is today and impart the knowledge we have acquired through real-life experiences. A helping hand to guide you through the process of riding the bicycle of life.


This programme gives a lot of insight about what to expect from oneself in perspective of one’s goal. It gives an insight about our dreams vs reality. Folklore is not a lecture, this programme does not preach, assure nor vouch for any kind of excellence, on the contrary the programme will equip you to analyse your dream and ways to achieve it realistically. It expands your horizon to analyse your strength and weakness and tailor your future along with those lines.

Folklore as the name goes just passes it’s realistic views, experience and data, for self equipment to face challenges henceforth.


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