Reality in 2017

This might sound harsh but off late, I’ve come across professionals with 3 to 7 + years of experience becoming obsolete in the industry workforce. Right now the way technology is being built has changed, the processes have changed and the way sales/marketing happens has changed.

What this means is that unless you unlearn and relearn the new ways of the industry, you are going to become a dinosaur story.

Gone are those days when experience determined seniority. Years of experience, age, college, gender, background, etc. don’t mean anything anymore. What matters is  how good you are at a particular skill and how up to date you are with it. Next, how you are able to communicate efficiently, with the right attitude to make your team win. That will determine your personal victory as well.

Nowadays I see a lot of senior folk shying away from getting into the ‘details’ of any sort of change because it’s ‘beneath’ their job description/status. What they don’t realize is that change is inevitable and if you don’t adapt, you don’t survive. So they become outdated and a newbie with fresh ideas takes their place because he/she is able to get the job done faster, better and more efficiently. 

This is a wake up call! Take a look around and get to the bottom of everything new that is happening in your domain. Instead of shying away from change, we need to learn to thrive on it


Else it’s good bye time.


Am I exaggerating? Tell me what you feel?